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About EasyEnglish

EasyEnglish is a selection of online English tests designed for ESL learners. The tests come in three levels (easy, medium and difficult). They can have 1, 10, 20 or 25 questions. In most cases you can choose the level and number of questions. Scores and answers are provided.

English Question

A single, multiple-choice question of medium level. You can check your answer after each question and then move on to the next question.

Fixed English Tests

A mixture of question types, including choose-the-question, choose-the-response, fill-in-the-blank and put-in-order. You can select easy, medium or difficult and 10 or 25 questions. These tests are "fixed". They are the same each time, and never change - so you can keep taking them until you get 100%.

Random English Tests

Like the Fixed English Tests, the Random English Tests have a mixture of question types, and you can choose from easy, medium or difficult. But this time there are always 20 questions and they are "randomized" each time, so you'll never get exactly the same test twice


Daniel S. CoggginsFounded in 1997 by Daniel S. Coggins, EasyEnglish became part of the EnglishClub Group of ESL web sites in 2003.

With a degree in Fine Art from Yale College, New Haven, USA, and with experience as an ESL teacher with Berlitz International and Inlingua and as a dynamic web page programmer, Daniel personally wrote and designed the original test material and dynamic testing program for EasyEnglish.

Special thanks are also due to Dr. and Mrs. C.H. Coggins, Marzia Verni, Bernabe Feria PhD, B.D. Graver and Claudio Tonti.