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Object Pronouns

(see also lessons: ing-now, thrz, is)

	>> We can say: "Mary is American" Or we can say: "She is American".
"She" is a SUBJECT PRONOUN that substitutes "Mary". "Mary is looking at John"
becomes "She is looking at him" because John is the OBJECT. In some cases the
OBJECT PRONOUN is different from the SUBJECT PRONOUN. Look at the table below:

I		me
you		you
he		him
she		her
it		it
we		us
you		you
they		them


-Am I talking to you?
	Yes, you are talking to me.
-Is she looking at him or her?
	She's looking at him.
-Are you asking us to work late?
	No, I'm not asking you; I'm telling you!
-We are listening to you. You are speaking to us.
-He is touching her. She is touching me.
-I am looking at him. He is looking at me.
-He is kissing her. She is kissing him.
-Is he listening to her? 
	No, he isn't.
-Who is she speaking to? 
	She's speaking to him.
-Are they looking at us?
	No, we are looking at them.
-Ask me a question.

	>> Sometimes there are two objects: a DIRECT OBJECT, and an INDIRECT OBJECT.
The pronouns are the same:

I		am giving	money		to John.
I		am giving	it		to him.
Lucy		is cooking	dinner		for me.
She		is cooking	it		for me.
Liz and Sarah	are showing	photos		to you and me.
They		are showing	them		to us.

	>> The INDIRECT OBJECT can come after the verb:

I		am giving	John		money.
I		am giving	him		it.
Lucy		is cooking	me		dinner.
She		is cooking	me		it.
Liz and Sarah	are showing	you and me	photos.
They		are showing	us		them.


-We are paying sixty dollars to them.
-We are paying them sixty dollars.
-She is teaching English to them.
-She is teaching them English.
-Are you giving me this pen?
	No, I'm not giving it to you, I'm lending it to you for only one minute!


	>> For exercises # 1 - 20, refer to picture # x.

0.	Barbara is talking to Laura.
	She is talking to her.
1.	Diana is looking at Barbara and Laura through the window.
2.	The dog is eating spaghetti.
3.	The woman with glasses is Mrs. Schmidt.
4.	Mrs. Schmidt is serving spaghetti to Laura.
5.	Cousin Paul is drinking water.
6.	George, Laura, Barbara, and Paul are sitting at the table.
7.	The fat man is looking at Mrs. Schmidt.
8.	Mrs. Schmidt is not looking at the fat man.
9.	The fat man is Mr. Schmidt.
10.	The cat is sleeping under the TV.

	>> Fill in the blank with the correct SUBJECT or OBJECT PRONOUNS:

0.	Today, the Schmidts are eating spaghetti. Also the dog is eating ______.
11.	The children are sitting at the table. Diana is looking through the window at ______.
12.	Outside, there are birds. ______ are sitting in the tree.
13.	Mr. Schmidt is holding a cup of coffee but he is not drinking ______.
14.	Laura is sitting next to Barbara, and ______ is listening to ______.
15.	Mrs. Schmidt is near George, but ______ is not serving ______.
16.	Paul is sitting across from Laura, but ______ is not looking at ______.
17.	The dogs are not on the table, ______ are under ______.
18.	Mr. Schmidt is talking to Mrs. Schmidt, and ______ is looking at ______. But ______ is not looking at ______.
19.	All of the Schmidts are at home, ______ are eating lunch.
20.	The TV is on, and Paul is watching ______.

21.	I am waiting for Peter and Alex.
	I am waiting for ______.
22.	Karl is kissing Susan.
	______ is kissing ______.
23.	I am speaking to you.
	You are listening to ______.
24.	I am watching the boys.
	I am watching ______.
25.	Mom is cooking for me and my sister.
	______ is cooking for ______.
26.	Susan is thinking about Karl.
	______ is thinking about ______.
27.	I am speaking to John.
	I am speaking to ______.
28.	John is looking at Mary.
	______ is looking at ______.
29.	I am sitting beside you.
	You are sitting beside ______.
30.	You and I are walking to the bank.
	______ are walking to ______.

	>> Change the order of DIRECT OBJECT and INDIRECT OBJECT:

0.	I'm giving Robert money.
	I'm giving money to Robert.
31.	Yoko is showing it to me.
32.	She is telling them the story.
33.	We are asking a favor of you.
34.	Are you giving me your car?
35.	Nina is throwing the ball to Ricky.
36.	June is teaching him Chinese.
37.	Get some cigarettes for me.
38.	They are awarding the Oscar to her.
39.	He is giving us gift.
40.	I am sending an email to you.

	>> Re-write the following sentences without errors:

0.	I'm buying a diamond ring she.
	I'm buying a diamond ring for her.
41.	Daddy, Daddy! Buy I some candy!
42.	They are not looking at she, they are looking at we.
43.	Her is telling a secret they.
44.	Them are stupid people.
45.	Are you afraid of we?
46.	We are looking for she.
47.	Listen to I, I am talking to you.
48.	They are inviting we to the party.
49.	She is writing to me a letter.
50.	He is talking to she on the phone.

	>> Put the words in the correct order:

0.	am you I for waiting
	I am waiting for you.
51.	He is throwing the ball to me.
51.	is ball me throwing to he the
52.	Tonight, I am paying for you.
52.	tonight you for am I paying
53.	Is she coming with us to the disco?
53.	the coming disco is to she us with ?
54.	They are cooking us dinner.
54.	are they us dinner cooking
55.	Are you going to school with them?
55.	with are them you to going school ?
56.	You are spending too much money on me.
56.	on you spending much too are me money
57.	They are dancing with her.
57.	they dancing her are with
58.	I am standing in front of you.
58.	I you standing front am in of
59.	She is speaking to us about the new organization.
59.	new us speaking organization she the is to about
60.	They are showing him their new car.
60.	they car him are their showing car
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