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Lesson keyword: whose

Whose? Possessive adjectives, pronouns, 's


my, mine, your, yours, his, her, hers, its, our, ours, their, theirs


name, nick-name, first name, middle name, last name / family name / surname, maiden name


family, mother, Mom, father, Dad, wife, husband, child, kid, daughter, son, sister,
brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, grandmother, grandson, grand-daughter,
mother-in-law, brother-in-law


new-born, infant, baby, toddler, child, kid, boy, girl, guy, gal, teenager, adult,
grown-up, man, woman, fellow, folks, gal, lady, gentleman, Sir, Ma'am (Madame),
bloke, buddy, bud, friend, chum, boss, chief


head, hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, lips, teeth, tongue, neck, shoulder, arm,
elbow, wrist, hand, thumb, finger, chest, heart, stomach, muscle, bone, blood,
hip, waist, leg, thigh, knee, ankle, foot, heel, toe

	>> We express possession various ways. First, there are the possessive
adjectives and pronouns:

I		my				mine 
you		your				yours 
he		his				hers 
it		its				its 
we		our				ours 
they		their				theirs 

	>> To a singular noun, we can add an apostrophe ' and an "s":

cat		the cat's food			cat's
James		James's book			James's book
father		my father's office		father's 
family		the Battista family's house	the Battista family's
the man behind the door	the man behind the door's hat	the man behind the door's

	>> To a plural noun, add 's. But if the plural noun ends in "s", just add ':

children	the children's jackets		children's
men		the men's bathroom		men's
people		the people's republic		people's
boys		the boys' bicycles		boys'
animals		the animals' masters		animals'
Smiths		the Smiths' children		Smiths'
Joe and Pam	Joe and Pam's rooms		Joe and Pam's

	>> If the possessor is not a person or animal, we often BUT NOT ALWAYS use "of". 

-He is the governor of California.
	NOT: California's governor
-the door of my room
	NOT: my room's door
-the color of your eyes
	NOT: your eyes' color
-the name of the river
	OK: the river's name
-The name of the bridge is "Golden Gate".
	The bridge's name is "Golden Gate"
	Its name is "Golden Gate"

	>> To ask a question about possession, we use: "whose"

		"Whose" + verb + noun?

		"Whose" (noun) + verb + noun?


-Whose is this computer?
	It's Maria's computer.
	It's Maria's.
	It's her computer.
	It's hers.
-Whose books are those?
	They are Anna's books.
	They are her books.
	They are Anna's.
	They are hers.
-Whose car is that?
	That car is George's.
	That is George's car.
	That is George's.
	That is his car.
	That is his.
-Whose keys are these?
	Those keys are mine.
	Those are my keys.
	Those keys are mine.
	Those are mine.

-Is this my money?
	No! It's not yours, it's mine!
-Johnny, that toy is not yours, it's Billy's.
-My Aunt Pam is my mother's sister, not my father's sister.
-Where are my keys?
	Hmmm, these are not yours, are they? And these are mine... Ah! Here are your keys!
-What's your name?
	My name is Diana, but my nick-name is "Di".
-What's your last name?
	My last name is Walsh.
-Who is Miguel Battista?
	He is the tall man with a red shirt.
	His eyes are brown, his hair is black.
-Who is Miguel's mother's sister?
	She is his aunt.
-This is John and Suzy's new house.
	This is their new house.
-This is yesterday's newspaper, here is today's newspaper.
-Barbara is not at home. She is at Karl's.

	>> There are errors in the following sentences. Re-write them without errors:

0.	Cousin Deborah is my mothers sisters daughter.
		Cousin Deborah is my mother's sister's daughter.
1.	The cat is in it's box.
2.	The childrens books are all over the room.
3.	The two scientists theory isnt very interesting.
4.	The hair of Miguel is black.
5.	My houses color is white.
6.	That is James chair.
7.	These keys are her.
8.	Where are mine shoes?
9.	Whose is hat that?
10.	These pens are my, and those are your.

	>> Fill in the blanks with the correct words:

0.	My uncle is my father's ____.
11.	Here is your ice cream. This ice cream is ___.
12.	Those are ___ clothes. They are yours.
13.	That is the dog's bed. That is ___ bed.
14.	(Larry's) ___ hair is black. (Mary's) ___ is brown.
15.	Your grandmother is your mother's ___.
16.	___ glasses are these?
		They are her glasses.
17.	Are those Maria's toys?
		Yes, they are ___.
18.	Whose ___ is this?
		It's David's chair.
19.	Whose birthday is today?
		It's our birthday today. It's ___.
20.	Rachel is at Steve's house. Rachel is at ___.

	>> Put the words in the correct order:

0.	is whose this jacket ?
		John's it's jacket
	Whose jacket is this?
		It's John's jacket.
21.	eyes color what are your ?
		green are they
22.	mother's first is your what name ?
		is Eleanor her name first
23.	this is bicycle whose ?
		Miguel's is it bicycle
24.	name the town home what your is of ?
		is Boston name home the town my of
25.	Jones' the dog that is?
		is it yes theirs


1.	The cat is in its box.
2.	The children's books are all over the room.
3.	The two scientists' theory isn't very interesting.
4.	Miguel's hair is black.
5.	The color of the house is white.
6.	That is James's chair.
7.	These keys are hers.
8.	Where are my shoes?
9.	Whose hat is that? or: Whose is that hat?
10.	These pens are mine, and those are yours.
11.	yours
12.	your
13.	its
14.	his, hers
15.	mother
16.	Whose
17.	hers
18.	chair
19.	ours
20.	Steve's
21.	What color are your eyes?
		They are green.
22.	What is your mother's first name?
		Her first name is Eleanor.
23.	Whose bicycle is this?
		It is Miguel's bicycle.
24.	What is the name of your home town?
		The name of my home town is Boston.
25.	Is that the Jones' dog?
		Yes, it is theirs.
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